MP3 clipper and joiner is the freeware than can cut mp3 clips of any length from a mp3 file.The clipped portion can be used as ring tone of your mobile !!Not only this;it can also join several MP3 clips to make a single MP3 clip. So,no more paying for ringtones.Make your own !!Go to the download section  

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Batch Image Resizer 1.0

Batch Image Resizer is the software that can resize batch of pictures to any size.The resized picture can be used as mobile wallpapers.It can also be used to reduce size of images to send them via email or upload on website.This saves cost and badwidth.using the software is very simple.Just select the directory where images reside and the directory where resized images are to be places.It will resize all images and put them in target directory.It processes images in batch.This means that even if there are thousands of picture in a directory,it can resize all images in a single click.
Screenshot ::

Screenshot of Batch Image Resizer 1.0

By downloading Batch Image Resizer 1.0 you can::
a) Resize thousand of Images at a time.
b) Create wallpapers for your mobile by resizing it to the size supported by the cell phone.
c) Reduce size of images.
d) Share resized images online by email or upload images to website.This will save bandwidth and cost.
Important :: dot net framework 2.5 or later is required in order to run the software.You can download the dot net
framework from microsoft website.

Click on the following download link to download Batch Image Resizer.
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