Ultra Shutdown is the freeware that can be used to schedule shutdown,restart,standby,locking and various other things.It comes with a powerful scheduler.Not only this;it also supports "Password protection" .Go to the downloads section and grab the software now !!

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Sofonesia Ultra Shutdown 1.0


Sofonesia Ultra Shutdown can be used in::

                a) Scheduling Shutdown,restart,hibernate,lock,log off  of the pc..

                b) Performing windows cleanup of cache and history during the shutdown or other operations.


Following are the features of Ultra Shutdown ::

                a) Toolbar appears on the desktop that contains buttons for Shutdown,restart,hibernate,lock and log

                                                           Toolbar appears on the desktop for quick access.

                b)Timer support for Shutdown,restart,hibernate,lock,log off  of the pc.

                               Main window of Ultra Shutdown

                c)It supports unlimited schedule addition for any operation.


                               Unlimited Schedules

                d)It can show a warning message and play sound before performing shutdown or any other operation.

                   So that you could be alarmed that the shutdown,restart etc is going to happen.


                               Warning message and sound

                e) Supports password protection so that any other person could not cancel the operation.


                f) Contains PC optimization features.It can clean up and increase speed of the computer by ::


                          ==> Emptying the recycle bin

                          ==>Cleaning the recent document list

                          ==>Clearing browsing history in IE.

                          ==>Clearing windows media player history

                          ==>Deleting cookies

                          ==>Clearing paint brush history

                          ==>Deleting contents of temp folder.


                 The above operations can be performed before the shutdown action (or any other action set )
                  is going to occur.  

                             Pc maintenance

               g)Supports hot keys.After installing the software,the Shutdown,Restart,Hibernate and other operations
                  could be performed by hot keys.These hot keys can be configured in the settings part of
                  Ultra Shutdown.


                             hot keys


                h) Maximum operations can be performed from System Tray Menu itself.

                                Tray operations


Ultra Shutdown is Free !!!Click on the download link below.

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