Sofonesia makes you available many good freeware utilities at absolutely no cost!

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Sofonesia Photo Backup for Blackberry 10
Sofonesia Photo Backup backs up all of your photos that you take from camera , download from internet or download from a friend's phone.The photos of Blackberry 10 phone are backed up to your computer.This makes sure that in case the phone is stolen or if it crashes,you will have all photos secure on the Computer.

Sofonesia Image Watermark 1.0
Image Watermark is the software which can put watermark on images.This helps prevention of material from being copied over internet and enhances security.The tool supports conversion of images to various formats like GIF,JPG,PNG,TIFF and etc.

Sofonesia Batch Image Resizer 1.0
Batch Image Resizer is the software that can resize batch of pictures to any size.The resized picture can be used as mobile wallpapers.It can be used to reduce size of images to send them via email or upload on website.This saves cost and bandwidth.

Sofonesia Screen Capture 1.0
Sofonesia Screen capture is an easy tool which can take screenshot of screen or a part of it.This tool supports capture of entire screen in a single click.The part of screen can be cropped in rectengular format by the cropping tool.It supports the preview of captured images.The captured images can be save in jpg,bmp or gif format.

Sofonesia Icon Extractor 1.0
Icon Extractor is the freeware tool to extract icons from any file.It is very easy to use.The icon could be extracted in simple two steps.First,browse for the file and second,click on save.It can save the icon in .ico,.cur,.jpg or .bmp format.Click on the download buttton below to download it.

Sofonesia Picture Cropper 1.0
Picture cropper is the software that can crop any part of a picture.The cropped part can be saved in many formats like jpg,bmp or png.This can be useful in many ways.e.g.From a picture,the face can be cropped and put as profile picture in orkut or hi5.Using this software,the unwanted part can be clipped off from a picture.It supports multiple selections as well.This means that many different portions of a picture can be cropped and saved as different files.


Directory Security 1.1(Updated)
Directory Security can hide the folders from unwanted people.The best thing about it is that it is available free of cost !! It comes with password protection,so that no other person could change your folder settings.This will increase your privacy.It also makes your private data secure.



Ultra Shutdown 1.0
Ultra Shutdown is the software that can be used to schedule shutdown,restart,standby,locking and various other features of the windows os.It comes with a powerful scheduler.Not only this;it also supports "Password protection" .It can be customized by a number of available options.



MP3 Clipper and Joiner 1.0
MP3 clipper and joiner is the freeware than can cut mp3 clips of any length from a mp3 file.The clipped portion can be used as ring tone of your mobile !!Not only this;it can also join several MP3 clips to make a single MP3 clip. So,no more paying for ring tones.Make your own !!


DVD Clipper and Joiner 1.1(Added support for Mpeg and DAT videos)
DVD clipper and joiner is the freeware than can cut DVD clips of any length from a DVD file.The clipped portion can be the song of a movie or any one of your favorite scenes !!Not only this;it can also join several DVD clips to make a single clip. So,no more saving whole movies .Save you space. !!



Sofonesia Reminder 1.2(Updated)
Have you faced any problem in your life just because you forgot something to do? Here is the solution to it.Sofonesia Reminder is the cool software that can help you in remembering the things.It can be Birthday of friend,any important appointment or any urgent work like payment of electricity bill and telephone bill.Just use this software to add the reminder.It supports personalized song selection.i.e. When the reminder windows comes;you will be greeted with your favorite song that you have set while setting the Reminder.



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