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MP3 clipper and joiner is the freeware than can cut mp3 clips of any length from a mp3 file.The clipped portion can be used as ring tone of your mobile !!Not only this;it can also join several MP3 clips to make a single MP3 clip. So,no more paying for ringtones.Make your own !!Go to the download section  

Welcome to E-mail is the website of freewares.Many freeware and shareware utilities can be downloaded from here.To download free software;please visit the download section.

Ultra Shutdown 2.0




Ultra Shutdown is the software that can be used to schedule shutdown,restart,standby,locking and various other features of the windows os.It comes with a powerful scheduler.Not only this,it also supports "Password protection" .It can be customized by a number of available options.

This toolbar will appear on the desktop when Ultra Shutdown is installed.This will make shutdown,restart,hibernation and other functionalities available in a single click.


Ultra Shutdown main window

Following is the main window of Ultra Shutdown::


Ultra Shutdown main window

It supports unlimited schedule addition for any operation.


Ultra Shutdown main window


To read more go to the Ultra Shutdown download page. More...


Directory Security 1.1


Directory Security can hide the folders from unwanted people.The best thing about it is that it is available free of cost !! It comes with password protection,so that no other person can change your folder settings.Go to the download section and download it for free !!




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